How to improve every day

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How to improve every day

Hello friends, a little while ago my friend Rubén brought me a book called a small step, which dated from the kaiser, the book is quite interesting, the subject is interesting but the book is quite well exposed and I have never I was involved in investigating that it was the subject of the Kaiser, but I had already heard about it then it caught my attention and when I started to look through the book a little, I realized that things that I have already seen from Taoism emerged, specifically from a story about the young man who wants to undertake a journey of a thousand miles, but since the journey is so difficult so hard he has never made it, before starting he sits down and becomes depressed and is all down because he does not believe that he is capable of doing it , then the old Taoist comes and tells him don't worry, don't get ahead, don't start thinking about all the miles you have to go, I already know the way, I've already done it so don't worry, I'll help you to carry the backpack, I know the way, we can stop after a while, a day or two, we enjoy the landscape and surely you do not know it, or the fruits that you can eat on the way, that is, do not worry, do not go ahead and realize that all the trips all are short or long start with a first step, a small step and then another small step and then another small step and another step and another step.

And this also resonates a lot with things that have already been told and that is that the mind immediately gets in the way of all the things we do in life and then makes us think about where we want to go, all the while at the goal, in the objectives, in the future and not in the tiny steps, in the little moments that we take every day; So kaizen makes us focus all our attention on those small steps, on those small increments, we can say very briefly that kaizen is the constant improvement or change based on very small increments or very small changes and this resonates a lot with me because a long time ago I began to think that the laws of nature things that remain in nature or that are harmonious and work well, always progress or change in very small increments, that is, for example, the case of a river based on thousands of years in The ones that the river burrows through the earth or the mountains because the tectonic plates collide with each other, goes up, very little by little even though it is the Himalayas but it goes up very little by little, centimeters very little by little then this is good because the Theory is fine, but I think that with practice it makes much more sense, it is understood much better.

If we want to add something to our routine, start a new habit or change something in our life, sometimes as we are thinking about the goal, for example, it is super fit we are thinking we are super fit then, it seems to us that the effort It must be huge for us to achieve that and we need immense willpower to achieve any change or any improvement in our life, however, that is the goal, that can be a situation that we reach after years, then again, the mind gets in between and in the end we end up not doing it, we start with the resolutions of the new years, this year I'm going to lose 20 kilos now then in the end it is never done you join the gym but you start to put obstacles in the end you don't go you don't do exercise you spend and it is all the time the mind, however, if we focus on the goals on very small goals so small that we cannot say no, then the change begins to be gradual and little little by little, little by little, it ends up having an effect.

For example, at this time I have been very busy, very very busy doing many things, to the point that I stopped exercising, because I usually when I train, well I train or half an hour, an hour then I have so many things to do that doing an hour of exercise is a lot, I don't have that much time I don't have energy so I don't do it, however, applying this kaizen technique and realizing what I did was to start interspersing loose minutes of exercise throughout the day That is, when it has been working for half an hour, an hour, I would get up and do enough exercise for one minute and two minutes and that throughout the day for several times a day in the end meant that I was exercising a lot and in the end I could be doing, 20 , 30 push-ups, 100 pull-ups throughout the day seemingly effortless, without having to devote a great deal of will to doing half an hour or an hour of time to train, in the book they count as in some studies. They show you that it is even healthier to exercise in small periods of time throughout the day, than to sit for five or six hours without doing anything and then pounding for half an hour is with a great effort of will to help a lot and burn everything that we have not burned during the day.

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