The role of rice field bunds and their use

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Hello lovely friends!
The population of agrarian countries will always try to improve the results of agriculture. the farmers become the backbone in meeting food needs. Especially the basic food needs such as rice, corn or rice.
At the place where we live, the rice fields are better used for planting tapioca as a staple food for Indonesians. With good agricultural results, it is hoped that we will not experience food shortages, especially with the availability of rice.
It takes a lot of effort to produce rice. the farmers must cultivate the land well. Starting from plowing, providing superior seeds, fertilizing, irrigation and pest control.


Rice field bunds

In making land, of course, must pay attention to the boundaries with other farmers' land. this boundary usually uses rice field bunds. This is a solution to avoid disputes that can result in damage to good relations between farmers.
Rice field bunds are made by piling up the soil so that they are used as footpaths. Paddy fields are made along the boundary between one rice field and another.
Making a good bund is to pay attention to the shape, size and care. higher mound forms allow us to walk on embankments without damaging plants. Adequate size will make us able to walk without slipping the arena of our feet can tread on the rice field safely. Good care will certainly make the embankment not broken, perforated by rats, or crabs. All that will benefit all farmers or passersby.

Benefits of paddy dike

Paddy fields are used by farmers to ":

1. Limiting land ownership

As I said before, the dike can be a solution to avoid fighting among peasants. clear boundaries with peers will make farmers not wrong in planting rice or other commodities.

2. As a path.

When checking rice fields, of course we need a way to get to the lava that we want to see. With bund we can walk to the place we want. When harvesting bund can also be used to pass.

3. As a water retaining wall

With a good dike, it will be able to hold water so that it will keep inundated and meet water needs.


Economic added value.

In addition to the dike used as explained above, the rice field dike also has economic value. Rice cooks can be used as a place to plant intercropping or revogia.
Intercropping plants are intercropped plants planted side by side with staple crops. The types of plants that are cultivated are usually harvested faster or the same as the staple crops.
In our village, we use intercropping, among others, corn, long beans and peanuts.
With good care, farmers can harvest long beans from rice plants. Long beans can be used for their own vegetables or sold. This means that farmers can get more economic value by growing peanuts in paddy fields.
Paddy fields can also be planted with revogia species that are useful as habitat for natural predators of rice pests. Various types of flowers will attract beetles, bees and other predators that will eradicate pests naturally.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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I have always wondered why long beans are so stupidly cheap in Thailand, and now (after 17 years!) I know. 🤣 We start to get more chinese agricultural ideas here too, like raising ducks around rice fields, which is super smart.

It's so important that western people UNDERSTAND where foods like rice come from, and ow complex the farming of it can be.

Thank for support my post.
We want to spread about our farming, especially how to get rice and then many people will respect to the farmer who struggle in their paddies fields