How we ask children to getting up early in the morning

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Hello lovely friends!
Every day we move from waking up. When you wake up sometimes it still leaves feeling lazy. We still feel like sleeping again. We feel the warmth of the blanket is still very blocking the desire to get up. Even after writhing the cold and sleepy race defeated the desire to get up early.
The weight of the building this morning must be resisted so that it can change the habit of being lazy to wake up diligently in the morning. Especially in the morning wake up in children will be the key to success in living their lives in adulthood. Children who are lazy to wake up in the morning will carry over as they grow into adults and are difficult to change. for that, parents need to teach how to wake up properly.
The hope is that children will grow into spirits that are eager to live life so that they will have spirit in carrying out tasks and various activities.



How to wake a child

When waking a child from his sleep we often experience errors so that the awakened child feels disturbed by his sleep then pulls the blanket back and sleeps again. We get angry and cause children to become victims of anger.
To wake up children we can do the following things so that children will be easily awakened.

1. Sleep is not too late

Sleeping too late causes the body to not get enough rest. Because the body is still tired and sleepy it will be difficult to wake up. Therefore, set a sleep schedule. Ask the child to sleep when it's time to sleep. if they get enough sleep it will be easier to wake up. Ask them to sleep at the scheduled time while asking about the plan to be done when they wake up.

2. Remind there are activities the next day

When waking the child remind you that there are activities that have been planned. When you hear the plan that will be done the child will definitely wake up with more enthusiasm.

3. Set an alarm

Setting an alarm can be one way to wake up. Set the alarm according to the desired time. If you use a cell phone, you can set an alarm to repeat to keep the sound when you are listening.

4. Kiss on the cheek

When waking up children kiss their cheeks. With gentle touch from us they will be more easily awake. Call their names so they will soon realize and wake up from sleep.

5. Open a window or curtain

With light and fresh air coming in from outside the room will provide stimulation for children to wake up.

6. Press the veins on the heel

if it is very difficult to develop a way that can be taken is to press the tendon on the foot above the heel. this part is very sensitive if pressed and the child will wake up right away. When awake the child will feel sick, but in a state of sleep they only feel shocked and will wake up soon.

7. Become an example to wake up early

All people who are there must take an example to get up early. do not let parents tell children to wake up early but other parents or adults wake up late. Children will certainly see and imitate the environment around them. If the behavior of adults, parents diligently wake up in the morning then they will certainly imitate waking diligently as well.

So some ways to wake up children who sleep so they will be excited to face a day that is still morning.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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