Community role and considerations to join

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Hello lovely friends!
Joining the Hive is a joy. I feel that. On this platform I found many things. Various aspects I can say is very good for developing yourself. Just look at how everyone involved is willing and able to support one another.
Various initiatives were raised by the activists to develop the regions and also participate in the development of our platform. Especially with the basic blockchain Hive making users "owners". As users we feel more ownership because this platform is not owned by a single business entity, which is completely different. In an entity, the owner can act authoritatively, using a like and dislike attitude. If you do not agree on one content the owner will be free to delete, censor, ban or be banned.
At Hive we will be able to be free with freedom of speech, without worrying about being censored or deleted. only the creator of the post can delete it and this also does not mean vanish because the data remains in the blockchain.



Community Role

As users we can keep our account growing and developing. for that, we can choose various ways. One of them is to join the available communities. At Hive there are so many communities that will be able to accommodate our talents. By entered the community and active in it we will be able to increase knowledge and be better received. Community acceptance will be able to add more value economically because in each community we will receive support in the form of upvotes that can be converted in crypto money. in addition, by entering the community we will meet various people who will provide support, suggestions, criticisms or input for us so that it will help us in maintaining account growth.

We can choose with various considerations. Some considerations that can be made so that we make choices in the community are:

1. As per your interest

Choose the appropriate community with interests and talents so that we will more easily interact. When we read the posts that match our interests, we will read them thoroughly. Moreover, we will also increasingly know and understand what kind of post many are interested in by community members. Thus we will be able to make posts that are received and get a lot of appreciation.

2. Number of members

If we want to join, we can also see the number of existing members. this is one way that our posts will immediately have the opportunity to be read by large community members.

3. Pending reward

Payments obtained from posting in the community are also worthy of attention. If the pending reward is large, we know that the community has a great opportunity to give us the opportunity to get a reward.

4. Language

It would be better if we know the language used so that we can more easily make posts. well, if there are difficulties, you can also be tricked by using translate services.

5. Follow the rules

What is very important to join a community is to read and understand the rules that apply. If we don't know then we can ask via the available discord. Violation of the rules can be bad. We can being flagged or downvoted.

From my experience in using Hive, I have found many communities that can be joined such as GEMS, OCD, The Ink Well and there are still many communities that can make us continue to grow. Choose your community wisely and we will be able to become a great HIVEAN.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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