What Do You Think When You Think About A Martial Artist?

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One neighbor says I see him doing exercise. He loves doing exercises, he might be a fitness instructor. Another neighbor says, no, I think he is a runner. I see him running, maybe he is going to participate in the marathon.

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No, you two are wrong. I see him doing something slowing, very gentle moves, nice and slow, says another neighbor. Another neighbor interrupts the conversation and says, he is doing yoga. I see him doing yoga the other day.

So one person is doing something and his neighbors comment and say different things. What they saw, they are giving opinions based on that. The truth is, he can be a martial artist. They see him doing exercise, running, doing yoga, and making gentle moves. Maybe they did not see him fighting or practice strike, defense, and different moves in martial arts.

A martial artist has to be fit. So they need to do exercise regularly. You will not find any martial artist who does not do exercise, that's just not possible. It depends on the martial arts that you are practicing, you might do yoga at the end of your martial art training.

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You see someone who practices martial arts can do high kicks and different moves. You as a martial artist have to have flexibility. You have to do stretching and other exercises in order to have flexibility. Otherwise, you cannot raise your legs up, do high kicks, and make all other moves.

When you practice martial arts, you basically learn to fight and defend yourself. To do that, you are learning different things. You do not need to think about fitness separately because you need to stay fit and healthy to do martial arts. It is in your training.

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So what do you think when you think about a martial artist? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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