Good to be BACK! New Beginning !!

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All it takes is the will to make it happen. It has been a long time (Approx 3 months), I have been in-active on creating videos. I was thinking of continuing creating videos once again but I was having the same feeling which I had in the past before I started to make videos. The hesitation, the shyness and almost every other thing which would tell me you don't need to get back into creating vlogs lol!

But finally sat in front of the camera once again and had to take couple of shots to make it the way I wanted it to be. It was the starting phase all over again. But it went very nice and I am happy about it as well. Now the next big thing how productive it is going to be for me, in terms of learning, improving and incentivizing the time, as well. No one knows! But let me give it a try and see for myself. Like it is said, if you do not try, you will never know!!

Stay tuned guys and TIA for watching the vlog!

Best regards

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Awesome! It is so good to see you... and you're very natural on camera, I have to say :)

There's a lot of stuff to talk about & what I found was the best for me is to follow what gives YOU joy. What is YOUR passion? And the value you can bring to the content? (I already know you provide value so you're good there ;) ) Sometimes you won't know until later on in your path. That's how several of my video series came to be....just being in the process & stepping into my truth.

I am looking forward to your videos, my friend! :) Keep going! 🤗🙌💚

Hey beautiful
Thanks you thank you :)
There are lots of lots of things that I really want to share in the coming days and like they say, "the first step is always the difficult one". You are one of the best content creator that I look forward to :) You have such a positive vibe always around you. Keep it going at all times, we all need it :)
I am excited myself as well to see the outcome of the coming videos. Cheers to that!

Welcome Back Rehan.

Thanks Nathan 🙂

Welcome back! 😎

Thanks DAN 😃

Thanks for a great video @rehan12, and really great to see you back on camera, it's been a while, a tip is to check out the #IAmAliveChallenge if you are looking for consistency, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Hey @flaxz thanks man. Looking forward to it. And thanks for the tip :) I will definitely get a look onto that.