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I have always been someone who likes to know what is really happening with my efforts. Even if it goes in the wrong I like to keep track of it. Call me a stat freak or whatever I like to stay updated with the situations happening around me.

There are still lots of steps needed to be taken for the new and latest journey of Hive users in this chain. I am still figuring out the right way to make things smooth for me in HIVE. As a matter of fact, so far it is not going that bad. Let me share what is cooking inside my account for the last 7 days.

All details are taken from Peak.d (Tools)

My current stats so far. As you can see T.Comments: 25929, Voting Mana: 83.88%, R.Credits: 100%, My 100% Vote Value: 0.04 Hive.


Account Growth :

So far so good. Seems like my account is growing steadily. As you can see it's going to be a tough ride to reach where I want to. Lots of efforts are needed and in addition to that, quite a lot of motivation for myself is as well needed.

Curation rewards :

It seems like it is fluctuating quite a lot. Going up and down in not a hasty way. I suppose that reward would come down as more people are starting to use HIVE. The less the users the less split of rewards in curation. But honestly, I would definitely like to see many more users using Hive and seeing things through.

Author rewards :

Now this is indeed interesting. I have been looking forward to posting on Hive and things have started well. Ups and downs I guess this was kind of expected so far. Not that I am saying I am not happy, because I am in the long term run and this is just the beginning of something huge. Lots of positive vibes are waiting for us all.

All the SS were taken from

While this is not a setback or neither it is a demotivating stats for me. I always welcome anything that is thrown to me. But be sure to realize you always get back what you throw at others. Either way, this post was just to make myself remember after a week or a month to see how far I have gone and for the next seven days I have some plans and I will be implementing them accordingly.

That sums up my today's post. And stay safe everyone and as always thanks for giving your precious time in my blog. Your thoughts/comment is always appreciated in the comment section below.

Enjoy Your Day


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