Promoting without a proper background research...

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Hello everyone

Promoting, is always one of the best option to give sth visibility and get attraction as well. Infact, companies/projects spend thousands of dollars behind them. It is a very effective tool and way to bring on investors/attract customers from different level.

While on the other hand sometimes people use it in the wrong way. Promotion can be a weapon in a good way but if it goes onto the wrong hand it could be a disaster as well.

Let's talk about crypto. If you are here for some time, than you should have heard about BITCONNECT, some people were promoting it like hell, without even knowing what it was or how it actually worked. Resulting many people lost their life savings into it. Even though some people might say, no one told them to invest but it affects both ways. When you are producing contents and you have created a fanbase, you do know some people will follow you blindly and that might have consequences as well. But it is not only the fault of content creator but the fault of investors as well.

Either way, if you wanna be dirt free than try to give some positive and effective news on whatever you are creating a content upon, keep it mind there will be people watching you and that will make a difference.



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Best regards

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