Sights and Scenes Along The Confederation Trail

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The following are scenes from my walk this week. No walk today in the rain, although I like a warm rain.

The Great Blue Heron takes a stroll in the waters of the Montague River.


Here the heron watches the water flowing from the drain under the trail. He is waiting for a fish to come through.


I’m not really sure what this sign means but there is a bridge ahead and water flows under it. :)


Local folks and their dogs walking across the bridge. The trail is busy on a pleasant day.


Many hidden things along the walk if you keep your eyes open.


The pretty cat with the green eyes and white whiskers does not move a muscle as it hid in the bushes.

Pussy willows along the river bank have just about finished their life cycle.


A few more warm days and the trees will be in full foliage.


Thanks for sharing my walk with me. I have more photos of the Great Blue Heron in flight for a #featheredfriends post later.

#wednesdaywalk is hosted by @tattoodjay.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

All photos are mine taken with CanonEOS Rebel T6

Stay save, stay healthy and keep social distancing.


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Looked like a lovely pleasant walk you had Canada is a beautiful country full of beauty and i love the sneaky cat behind the bush thinks no one can see her 😸

Thank you @kohsamui99. Yes that cat was thinking i couldn’t see him.

Love cheeky cats they are more fun 😸

Wonderful Wednesday Walk, Joanne. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks Rob. I’m happy you liked the walk.😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 7 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix @pixresteemer!

You mentioned a warm rain, I've had one of those in my life and still remember it. Like being under a lukewarm shower on a sunny day.

Yes, I love being outside during a warm summer rain. It happens sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by @evernoticethat and for the rehive. 😊

Nice photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar!😄

A warm May rain is really nice and I think they say it lets you grow, even if you are fully grown ;) it didn't help me though 😉

Some designers think their signs are easily understandable by everyone, but many aren't - I have no idea what this could mean, maybe the bridge elevates when there's high water ;)

You've had a very nice walk along that river, Jo, and the weather was nice too. Hopefully it will be better again tomorrow. I like this cat which thinks it is hidden behind that bush :)

Cheers and !BEER

Johann, are you saying you are short in stature and being in the warm rain didn’t help you grow?

The sign is a bit of a mystery as it reveals the obvious - there is a bridge ahead and water flows under it. LOL

There’s a forecast of hot weather coming this way. A family of foxes live further up on the trail. It would be nice to get a photo of them.

Good night, sleep tight 😊

No, Jo, I am not short, I'm about 5.7 feet tall ... or small ;) but there's a saying here that May rain will let you grow 😉

So there might also be bridges where the water flows not under them or over them and the people walk under the bridges? Forget that question ;) lol

Sometimes when I am driving early in the morning I can see a fox crossing the road, but a family with little foxes? The last one I have seen must be over 10 years ago. These photos must be great if you are able to get some, Jo 🙂

I hope the weather will not get too hot, but be quite right for you, unless you like hot weather ;)

Have a nice afternoon and evening Jo, it's time for me and I wish you also a good night 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

It may be what the sign means, this bridge is over water, while some bridges are over dry land. 😅

I like moderate temperatures - not too cold or too hot. You wouldn’t think I’d complain about the heat after the cold winter. 😱

Good night twice, Johann.

Aha, that sounds now logical, and the signs are for the people who want to jump from the bridge into the water, so that they know that there actually is water under it ;) lol I said forget my question, because I'm too tired today to talk seriously ;)

Yes, I like such normal temperatures too, but after a cold winter I wouldn't mind if it's hot 🙂

There's one more reply to make, but good night, Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

I wouldn’t be able to check the foxes tomorrow. We are going into Charlottetown for car checkup and some shopping. Probably go through drive -through at A&W for lunch as nothing much open yet for restaurants.

No General Motors dealer in Montague to service car but a good excuse to go to Charlottetown.

Have a great morning Johann.

Good morning Jo 🙂

never mind, I know you'll see them on another day.
I wish you a nice trip and hopefully there's nothing to do at the car.

Cheers and !BEER

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