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RE: Until the Last Man .:. One to rule them ALL

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I see a part of me in all of these, including reward and incentive and achieving this through growth.
Growth is the only thing that really matters in my opinion, and all other things like money, power and achievements will follow automatically.
Focus on growth. :)


Agree with you... Actually, I was thinking about this today... again... lol... When we are children, we don't think too much about consequences, about what is right, or what is wrong... I mean, we live innocently, but still, we slowly form our personality, and very often, with having a bad role-models, not in a good way...

As we became adults, we try to evaluate things more and try to make ourselves better... I mean, those who work on themselves... That involves "repairing" bad behaviors from the past and doing new things differently... That's what is growth, in my opinion...

And, in the end, as you said, it leads to good things... maybe money, maybe power, but peace of mind, for sure... and better living... ;)


This is why having fun and relaxing every now and then is important as well.
Because this keeps our inner-child and the perspective that goes with it alive.

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