Food Photography : Teri Medan sambal sunti


First, let me explain the name on the title. Teri medan can be called as dried anchovy, and sunti or asam sunti is dried wood sorrels mixed with lots of salt.

This one is my ultimate food, somehow.

My mom used to make it not with dried anchovy, but boiled or dried shrimp. After i got married, I found it's easy to get dried anchovy - and cheaper of course, in compare to the shrimp.


                               The ingredients
                   Taken with Sony a6000, lens kit 16-50 mm

The ingredients are :

  • dried anchovy , or shrimp
  • shallot
  • dried wood sorrels
  • cayenne pepper
    for cayenne paper and dried wood sorrels, I usually will make it lot more than people would do. Because it taste better - in my opinion - when its spicy and sour at the same time.

DSC01255 2.jpeg

                    After all the ingredient are mashed
                 taken with Sony a6000, lens kit 16-50 mm

I won't suggest that you eat this food just by itself, since it will be too salty. But it will wonderful if it serves with freshly cook rice.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by