Journey from plankton to minnow

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Friends, today I turned from plankton to minnow and I am very happy about it.I can say year 2020 is very fruitful for me as I won a SPUD competition ,winning that SPUD competition game me a good amount of delegation that caused my vote value to increase upto 10 cents (may be 11).This was dream come true for me as I was just thinking of accomplishing a 2 cents vote.



Though I started my Journey on steem on Dec 2017 but relationship always remain on and off.
Relationship somewhat become permanent once I started playing Splinterlands.I keep playing splinterland daily and after sometime I get involved in one more game in steem i.e Nextcolony.
Story did not come to end here my involvement with steem chain increased more when I started with one more game in steem blockchain i.e Holybread

I was though a very occasional poster but I am daily interacting with blockchain by games and reading regularly and curating the content.

Everything was smooth before steemit inc sold to the Justin Sun. A lot of drama was involved and blockchain was forked. I will refrain myself here about talking about the drama but the people whom I was following were all migrating to Hive so I landed in Hive.

My target is to post atleast once in a week (not sure I am able to meet it or not in long run) but I am reading ,curating and interacting daily.

I think by reading my post till now you have got the idea, I am more in playing games and less in writing so when a new game Exode started in hive, I promptly joined the ship.



In my journey here I am looking for the dolphin now and I hope if am able to balance the finances it will be not be difficult task.

Wishing you the best of luck to all for their dreams and I thank all the people here who were part or spectator of my journey here.

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