How do you find content to write everyday on HIVE?

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I have encountered many great bloggers on HIVE who keep on producing contents everyday. I wonder if they have ways or tips or strategy to keep on producing content.

What do they do when they don't have any topic to write about? Or have they ever experienced lost inspiration to write?

One way I take to get some inspiration is to browse old photos. Usually I will get ideas what to write about for my blog when finding an interesting photo from my collection.

Next technique (if I may call it technique) is just go some place like the beach to give my brain to chance to reset and rest, since it is relaxing in the beach. Then I can start fresh again. With well rested brain, I can usually find ideas to write about. Plus, I can write my journey to the beach as well as the photos I took when I was there.

evening%20trip-50.jpg Going to the beach, take a walk on the black sand, I would probably find some inspiration to write about.

Another idea that has helped me a lot is "document to create". It means just look to anything we do every day, or we see(during journeY), then write about that. Write the one I find interesting.

Beside those techniques, I also asked this question to other people in uptrennd (another social media site) on how they find inspiration to write. Some people responded and shared on how they find ideas to write. Here some ideas:

Change Perspective

You can read a post of other hivean, even just read the title of the post. For example, when you find a post titled "My favorite things to do when I was at school" by other blogger, you can develop your own version of blog. You can find things you like to do when you were at school and write about it.

Another idea is to read people comments on topic you are interested in. Some comments may have similar ideas to you, and you can develop something from it.

Taking A Walk

When needing inspiration, try taking a walk. Walking (instead of driving) gives us chance to think and see more things compared to driving. Maybe you can develop a story from what we see on our walk.

Listening To Music

Listening to music can change your mood to feeling great. When you are in great mood or great state, you have a motivation to write and find topics to explore.

Those are valuable techniques to get some ideas to write. What do you do when you need inspiration to write?


I'm doing the technique of reading other's blog posts... Usually, if I had some idea to add, I create a post and highlight the author who inspired me...

We are all different and we have a different look at the world...

Develop your own ideas from someone's writing and highlighting the author is one great technique. Thanks for sharing. I could copy your technique too🙏

That's a good question, indeed. Sometimes it's difficult to think about what to post about. Gladly, there ate countless contests and challenges to keep us busy! 😄

Yup, contests really helps, for example the photography contest like shadow hunter. Have you tried it?

I have seen it but never participated yet.

It is difficult to come up with good ideas every single day. I started writing down ideas on Evernote whenever I have some inspiration. Reading other people's posts and comments usually helps me.
For the past 3 days I haven't written anything because I was too busy checking out blockchain games. Now i think i should write about those games. 😄

Yes, great idea to catch some ideas. Then you have collection of ideas you can develop anytime. And yes, why don't you write about those blockchain games.

It comes and goes, recently I've been posting about carnivorous plants and I don't see too many people posting about that. I'm 19 in college so finding content is a challenge.


I guess same for many of us. It comes and goes. We need a kind of hack so we can get ideas when we need it everyday. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful place!

Yup, indeed. Thanks.

Most times I post stories

I post story about my journey, not so much fictional story. Thanks

Pretty inspiring post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
At the moment, I find it hard to create content. I used to love writing, but right now I find it hard to do.
I wish I had a beach nearby to go to, that certainly would be a great source of inspiration end energy for me.

Thanks for sharing. You could go to your local park or woods. 💪 😉


💪 🙏

Look to the other great writers outside our little community for topics and inspiration to bring in 😉

Thanks. That's great tip. I will definetely do it.

The best place for ideas outside of writing is something like the Joe Rogan show as his guests are usually full of incredible information and they talk on current events with major opinions views 😉

Some great tips there. Thanks

You're welcome. Glad you find them useful.

I like the ideas. Usually I have a hard time writing a topic instead of coming up with one but I loved the "change perspective" method. I usually write about video games I play, being a patient gamer, most of them are quite old.

It is not always easy to find inspiration
Thanks for the tips :)

Sometimes when you don't have content to write, write about not having content to write. Right?

We are a travel-family. We dont have to find because every day we hav a little adventure😊

I usually just share some of my own interest or things I do or I create or just some of my fiction or poetry.

Thanks. Appreciate you sharing your tips.