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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good day...

Many people don't like Ukraine for so many reasons. Well, I don't deny that because not only economical condition is broken but all there is corruption plus still in some region communist mentality belong.

Moreover, here language is a big issue because most people don't understand English. People ask me frequently why I have chosen Ukraine knowing the reality. Well, first of all, I got the opportunity to study here. I wanted to do post-graduation at a low cost and I didn't apply for any scholarship and I have taken my decision suddenly to migrate myself.


Secondly, I wanted stability I mean residence permit for a long time because I didn't want to go home after graduation. Considering many benefits, I came here knowing reality. Well, of course, I took a big risk even I don't know what is next, what is waiting for me but my only decision is not to go back to Bangladesh.



Even people asked me why I don't want to go back to my country, maybe I can do something good there. I just listen to them, never answered.

When I was in flight from Dhaka to Kyiv, my one and only decision never came back here. The situation might be worst but I will migrate at that moment but not Bangladesh.

Whatever, I like staying in Kharkiv city, many people can't adapt that but luckily I did.



I live in a nice neighborhood, one of the good neighborhoods in Kharkiv city, expensive as well but I love the surroundings and apartment building as well.



This is another side of my neighborhood, it's not extraordinary. It's not modern, the buildings are from the soviet period, benches look old, rustic, full of trees but no landscape. But it feels good when I sit on these benches.



The most important part, whenever I walk here I feel good and forget my problems. I am from a big city girl where rarely I was able to see trees. My life was stuck into the world of concrete and noise of vehicles.

I rarely saw the open sky, except the head of the high-rises.


Obviously a bird doesn't want to stay in the case whole life, it deserves freedom, it wants to fly whenever it gets chance.


20200323_124537 1.jpg

On the other side of the area, it's a private residential zone where all buildings are duplex. This is completely private are and connected with the main road of the university.

unfortunately, no metro stations here, some small buses are available and at the end of this road, there is a tram station which takes passengers in the village area and some specific zone.


All primary, secondary and tertiary roads are connected with each other. The weather is sunny but cold. Never expected that the march can be this much cold.


Yesterday, we had a little bit of snowfall and as you can see snow is already melting.

I don't know about tomorrow, don't know whether it gonna be a sunny day or dark day, cold or hot day but...

My soul will always remain shiny like a bright sun...




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That city looks a nice one to live in...

Yeah, many people don't like Ukraine and it certainly doesn't help its case to have so many leaders who appear to be adepts of extreme right wing philosophies. 😜

True, communist mentality people...

The weather is really messed up. What can we do with it???

The home is that place where you feel you belong, I believe you made the right choice for you.

Beautiful images!

Exactly, thanks man...