The Truth About The Neighbors (And The Lesson) | Pix Vlogs Ep 42

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You know that old saying - everything happens for a reason? This rang true as the sega continues in this video...

As I finish sharing my story about the neighbors (oh, no, it isn't over yet..), it dawns on me that, in actuality, there was a unique lesson in all of this...

And that will see what happens with that as well ;)

In this 2-part video, I went back to my old roots of vlogging & shared interesting developments about what is going on at the Pixie Palace & the usual chaos...

But, don't take my word for it...check out the video for more!

P/S I hope this, at least, gives you a chuckle & encourages YOU to be your silly self. Embrace your Inner Child! ;)


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I would probably have a long talk with them about using your spot. It seems like a horrible experience for your friends and if it happens again, I suggest you have their car towed. But if you have decided to put things behind you, then everything is fine. The only problem I see is that if they did it once, they can do it again.

Have fun on your trip and break.

Oh dear, you really have an eventful neighbourhood :-)

The funny part is it's usually pretty mellow, for the most part. But when the chaos ensues, whooo boy! It is on like Donkey Kong 😂🤣


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