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RE: You Are Here Because You Are Different .:. Then Be Like That Always!

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So so true!! These companies could care less about us & our feelings. It's all about the bottom line - the money. Now, of course, businesses have to do what they have to do and survive. BUT there are so many that are unethical or just don't CARE.

However, I do not blame them if they censor me or do things I don't agree with since I agreed to the T&C in the first place. It takes two to tango. I may not be happy about it but then the decision lies with me - do I continue to give my power to them or do I take it back? ;)

As I always say, if we want change, we need to BE the change.

Awesome video! Keep up your great content! I always learn something from you! :) Love all of them! :)💖🙌



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BUT there are so many that are unethical

A lot of money and ethics somehow doesn't go with each other... :)

And completely agree with you... We are the change, and we are holding them in our hands... The problem is that we don't realize that...

Thanks for the comment! Always a pleasure to see you here in the comment section! And thanks for the wine.. :)


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