Beach beach and more beach ... the days to come

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Hello everyone!!!

What brings me here today is the nostalgia I feel for those days when we were free and didn't know it. Since I was confined at home by the mandatory quarantine, I wanted to go out again but not to the supermarket precisely, I want to go a little further, to a place without walls, I want to go back to the beach.

From nature, the coast is what I enjoy the most, my relationship with the sea is magical and irreplaceable. Of course I like the mountains, the rivers, the jungles, the plains and other wonders of our unusual universe, but the sea for me simply has no competition or parallel.


Whenever I want and can escape from the city, I usually go to the Vargas state, specifically to Coral beach. The Venezuelan central coast is 30 minutes from Caracas, so whenever my body wants, I go there. I hope to enjoy the sea again once the pandemic is no longer a threat and everything is back to normal.

mapa playa coral.JPG

Along the coast of the state Vargas there are many places where they sell fresh fish. A while ago my friend @ mauryngg81 had told me to go buy some fresh little fish and grill on the beach, that day finally arrived, it was nothing more and nothing less than my birthday, 3 weeks before the quarantine was decreed in Caracas.

They say that remembering is living and that was what I was doing all afternoon, remembering and seeing the photos of that day at the beach, grill, birthday, rest, enjoy freedom with friends and now I want to share it with you.


It was the first time we had a fish grill and to complete on the beach. First time, all faced with this challenge, nobody knew how to light the fire, so I took the opportunity to give a master class to those present, it was a very fun experience because I was not an expert in lighting coals either. After class and homework completed they congratulated me because they learned a lot hahahaha until I learned.

parrilla pescado 1.jpg
Fresh grilled fish

parrilla 2.jpg
Some fish took a little longer to cook

Fish ready to turn

We all bring something to share, the cooked yucca and the grated cabbage and carrot salad for the garnish. The guasacaca and the spicy, a nice touch from my friend Dainnyng because she knew that I like the spicy. The barbecue, a table and even a tent we carry. The only thing we forgot was the dominoes but in the absence of dominoes a good pair of beach rackets made the cut. Oh and the famous guarapita that could not miss! with tamarind, lemon and paper. We honestly don't miss dominoes.

pescado frito.jpg
This is how our grilled fish with cassava and grated salad was, I still remember and I want more, it is not for nothing but it was divine

After the comelone we spent a long time sitting on the sand while we lowered the food, we talked about everything a little philosophizing with guarapita in hand, what a rich worth! Every so often we would go into the water to cool off.

And I happy

At the end of the afternoon we did a small beach racket tournament, I had not played beach tennis for years, I kept my tongue out and recognized that I was out of shape, but that did not prevent us from having a good tournament, we were having so much fun we didn't want to stop playing, I don't remember who won but we still celebrated the end of the tournament hahahaha

pili paya 4.jpg
Celebrating the end of the tournament

paya amigos.jpg
Here we are all the participants of the tournament and the task

Finally the sunset surprised us and we paused to delight in its beauty.


playa libertad.jpg
Here I kept celebrating feeling free and happy

pili y mau playa.jpg
Oh and the guarapita making its effect clear!

We left...

It was time to return, we collected everything quickly and like lightning the night fell. Inside the truck we remembered the cake that we had not chopped and right there before returning to Caracas, we sang the birthday. The return could not be better, tasting the chocolate cake made by my friend @ mauryngg81.

I celebrate friendship, I celebrate freedom, health, family, healthy sharing, nature, the sea ...

Time passes in the blink of an eye just as this pandemic will pass. Today is the time to protect yourself and take care of your health. Is it difficult, hard and sad? Yes, we all know that, but it will be worth it in the name of the next few days ...

Always remember to smile that the smile heals the body from the inside out. They are loved and until a next post, thanks for reading!



All the texts in this post are my own

All photos are from my personal file

collage design made on Canvas


Very beautiful view!

Thank you!!! it's spectacular, that's why I wanted to share it

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Que lindo dia sin duda!!

we will be back

Ocean is the place of peace I think..the roar of the water is very soundly always 😍😍

the sound of the waves is the best relaxing

I miss the ocean! Que linda!

me too! Thank you!!!

Beautiful @pilarteran

Thank you!!!

The good old days would be back soon.. And end would come to the virus.

You look pretty btw😘

Thank you!!! you said it, the virus will go away and the beaches will be left to continue filling us with good energy

Definitely, dear friend.

Lovely post and beautiful pictures! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I also love the sea, nothing beats it! I find it extremely soothing for the soul. I can't wait to return to the beach! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your appreciation, we had a great time and if I agree with you, the beach purifies the soul

Beach is one of the best place in the whole world.

What a pleasure to coincide with you

Muy hermoso algun dia espero ir a esa playa

Gracias, te aseguro que la pasarías muy bien