Do The Right Thing .:. and do it for yourself...

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This vlog is a kind of continuation of the previous one where I was talking about censorship, freedoms, and empty pockets... In this one, I went a step backward and tried to find the reason why those things are happening, and what we are doing wrong...

It's not a secret that our modern society is based on money, which is, unfortunately, in the center of everything, and when I say everything, I mean it... And when we lived driven by money and rewards, we are kind of robots that don't do anything else just because it's not money incentivized...

That's the reason why things like art, culture, music (not commercial) are heavy hit lately... That's why my friend, who is a well-known artist that wins awards all around the globe, is planting his own food as he has no finances to buy enough food for himself... We are feeding money, and money "feeds" us...

In all this craziness, we are losing our "human" side where we were doing things because they were right things to do, and not because they will bring the most money... And that is the moment when we lose our morality, ethics, and finally, love and care for others...

I was talked about these things in a connection with our communities on Hive, where we engage only with people who will upvote our comment, who will give us monetary "satisfaction"... Is it all around that?

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I can relate to that. It's very interesting to look at different countries and look at how people help each other without or with the expectation of money in return. I've travelled a lot and I think that the more a country is "developped" the more people expect to be rewarded for helping others. So we can ask ourselves, do we really want to be developped ? ;-)

Well, I will not go that far and exclude some people just because of their country of living, but I get the point of what you want to say... :)


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I cannot love this video enough. Doing the right thing is something that should come to us naturally without expecting physical reward....this is truly one of the reasons why we are here at this time....

Yes, of course I enjoy rewards & yes, I need money to pay the bills & live a comfortable life. However, I have never been one to need wealth or material possessions to validate myself or do that right thing ....

For me, the reward is sweeter sometimes, knowing I did something that might have helped someone else or made a difference in a positive way. I might never hear from that person or even see what happened after the fact, but in my heart, I know it affected someone for the better is so important we don't lose sight of that.

Being compassionate, helping one another without expectations & showing unconditional love & respect (even when it's hard) is what this world needs...yes, protect yourself against the obvious but aside from that, do the right thing & remember we are all connected....

This video inspired me. Thank you for that & thank you for being you. 💚

Doing the right thing is something that should come to us naturally without expecting physical reward

That's why I was surprised a couple of times when people asked me if they have to reply to EVERY comment that people leave on their post... The reply is always the same: "Would you like people to reply to your comments that you make?"... Well, now you know the answer to your first question... :)

Respect and appreciation! Two magic words, and very easy to use... :) Thank you for an awesome comment!


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Am thinking. it depends. and I may not be enough groups. I have been told that I have not made meaningful comment. This world different to me. in real life I do not ever talk to anyone barely except my husband or my pets or sometimes a family member. But i like to be more positive, but sometime I can get a ...... I try to read and then my head spins. but in the back of mind I learn alittle bit about what I read in the blogs here. Slow is OK . Anyways. I don't expect anything . if this goes away am still ok very much. i

Do The Right Thing .:. and do it for yourself.

From now on, you can watch my videos somewhere else as well. ;) Thank you @ph1102 for sharing your experience.

Morality, ethics and logic are what should drive a community instead of money and greed. Love and care can be part of the equation, but I see those almost as extremes to money and greed, so they should be applied in moderation. Someone who loves and cares too much for strangers, might go all out and forget him/herself in the process.
Not saying that that's wrong, but there should be a healthy balance between all emotions.

There are money and greed led people, that's for sure... I don't say that all people are like that, but it can be seen a lot... I would say that maybe even half of the people on HIVE don't bother to comment on a great post if they aren't 100% sure that they will get upvote for doing that...

And I'm all for balance :)

And some don't even bother commenting anywhere and just upvote all day. 🙃

Sometimes we forget to appreciate people either we take it granted or we are just unable to see the value.

Keeping communication will clear most of doubt and help us to understand and appreciate more.

If we have opened certain content and read/watched it that usually means that we appreciate the author, so showing that is just a natural thing... Of course, if you are checking some new author, you don't know this... But, after some time, you know some people better, so why not show respect? :)