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Occasionally, it is a good time to remind ourselves why are we here, and why are we creating our content on #decentralized social media platforms like Hive, LBRY, or some other... Yes, there is some crypto (money) involved incentives for doing that, but there are some other important differences that we should be aware of...

Getting paid for creating valuable content for contributing to the community is a great thing to have, and results are visible almost instantly... On decentralized blockchains we can be rewarded for creating posts, videos, commenting on other's content, playing games, etc... All that is great and awesome, but still, I would count these incentives in a short-term vision... The long-term vision will be looking at all as building YOUR online profile (business, personal) for the future...

And I have written YOUR with capital letters as it is important to emphasize that, for the first time, it is YOUR profile indeed! You are the owner of your blog, of your content, that you have created, of your opinions, videos, photos, art... You name it... And not just that, for the first time, you are in control of YOUR OWN money, in our case cryptocurrency... Nobody else than YOU, knows your credentials for your wallet, for your online data...

While I'm writing these sentences, I'm getting confirmation about how big is the power of the blockchain, and I am aware of why it was (and as) important for big companies to stop this thing... Blockchain technology is another tool that we can use in different ways, and one of the most important ways for us is to help us to get back our POWER... And it can do that, but we have to do our part of the job...

In today's world, our #freedom and #freespeech is limited, which is a direct result of our loss of power... We have given our power to others, and that's why you don't have the right to say whatever you want... that's why your voice can't be heard too far... And that's why THEIR voice is much louder...

Blockchains like #HiveFixesThis by taking power back from big companies to the ordinary people, giving them the right of #freespeech, right to be financially independent, right to CHOOSE what is the best for them as individuals...

In this video, I have mentioned some of the platforms that I have used and have contact in the past, the problems that I (and many others) had with them, and the obvious solution that we have for them... Check out the video for more details...

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Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and wow you made a fantastic explanation about the dangers of centralized solutions, which is really problems, and how decentralization and blockchain is the solution to those problems, and with Hive Power we own the blochain as a community, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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I have made a personal record in the vlog length... lol... And, I didn't say it all.. There are so many great things on the decentralized blockchain platform that I would need 3 hour video to cover it all... :)

This WAS a record for you, but it was a great video. I find it hard to limit myself in some videos, especially talking about decentralization, etc. :) Great job! 👍🙂❤️

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

We are all fortunate enough to be at the early stages of the decentralized revolution. It may seem crazy, but in a future where Hive and other decentralized applications possibly become mainstream, anyone who started at this point and kept going will most likely be a whale.

Agree with all that you said... And it's just amazing how mainstream media was successfully hiding everything connected with blockchain tech until now... But, it was too good to be hidden...

And now, there is no way back... We will win! :)

Exactly. Once they realize they can't beat it, they will join it. The banks and wall-street are already doing so.

Man you are so right about that. Hive is a perfect solution. I've gone through exactly the same steps that you mentionned in the video. Starting with blogger, youtube, my own website and finally landing on Hive :-)

I will not go that far that the Hive is a perfect solution, but it is evolving into the right direction! It already has a lot of very important things covered, but there is more room for improvements!

Love, love this video!! Decentralization is THE way to go now & Hive does truly fix this...

Seeing us reclaiming our power on the blockchain is gives me hope for a brighter future as we are starting to speak up, little by little. Even though I am still on some mainstream social media, I can easily see myself leaving those platforms over time... for now, they serve as a way to plant the seeds & educate others about the choice they all have in taking their power back....

Seeing all the censoring going on & accelerating at alarming rates tells me I made the right decision in being open to decentralized plaforms such as HIVE, LBRY, etc. where we have TRUE freedom of speech. We have all been silenced too long...

I love your passion in this video & the way you explained the progression of our rights being taken away.. it's crazy because it was happening along without a lot of us realizing it...

But now we are AWARE & WILL speak our truth! THAT is something to feel good about! Thanks Zoltan for being one of the "freedom fighters". ;) 💚

for now, they serve as a way to plant the seeds & educate others about the choice they all have in taking their power back....

Exactly! It's like in that fairytale... spreading the seed, and they will follow us from centralized platforms to decentralized... As there is no other way than that...

And it will happen when the Hive and other decentralized platforms shows how stable, trustful and steady can be... And when all the s*it from centralized things (not just social media, but also banks) show their real face and leave people on their own stealing their wealth...

Thanks for the comment and support! Always appreciated!

Look like you got a very long walk today. Hive give us lot of power and ideas to shape our lives. Only thing we need to do to keep our eyes open and took advantage of opportunities.

Well, the walk was the same as always, but I did a longer video this time... lol... There were a lot of things to cover, so it took more time...

And the Hive (and other blockchain solution) give us a lot of power, which is a good thing... It's time to get rid of some chains that we are wearing a long time... It's time for a new page... ;)

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your support!

All kinds of people places here. Incredible input. Like a teacher. U Technically I get it.

Thank you for your kind words! I hope that you got something useful from the video!