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Today was my "connection day" with my son... We, men, went to the shopping center... :) The idea was to go to buy proteins, but we finished with bags full of everything... lol... We went unprepared, even without bags... But, most of the things were on the BlackFriday list, so we were not buying some useless stuff... So, let's talk about sales, Black Friday, and stuff on this Hump Day Easy Talk...

I was always interested in marketing and especially in tricks which these huge shopping centers and stores are using... The first time when I was met in real-life with these "machines" was when I had my computer shop accompanied by my 2 co-owners... As we were one of the "biggest" shops in the region, we were invited very often to meetings with our suppliers to discuss future moves, actions, and offers...

In that period, one of our suppliers has started some kind of printed newsletter... It was like a catalog, but also with some other things inside it, like product reviews, new comings, etc... The most important thing in the creation of that catalog was the first and the last page... What products will be shown there, and what should be the price...

For example, the MAIN product on the front cover page, had to be something that everyone "wants" to have, and the discount on it is usually the heaviest, which means 25-30% lower than anywhere else on the market... It was a similar situation with the product(s) on the last cover, but the discount wasn't that much, but lower... 15-20% of the regular price... All products INSIDE the catalog usually had discounts max 5-10% which you can see almost everywhere...

But, the product on the frontpage SELLS all the products from the inside... It is the thing that calls the reader's attention and forces it to take the catalog and finally open it... And then, the magic happens... It looks that WE NEED all that stuff from the catalog... :) Oh, yes... The product from the front page is a limited offer for the first XX buyers, so, let's FOMO a bit the whole thing :)

This is just one example of marketing tricks, and this one was not that deceiving... There are a lot of worse cases that we can see, especially on Black Friday, or other "shopping holidays"... I have noticed another one, but you will find that in the video...

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Do you guys line up at night on Black Friday in EU?
In India there is no concept of Black Friday but every big festival get some sale.

Luckily, we are not that crazy like Americans... lol... But, I think that we are very close to that...

Anyways, I hate to wait in any queue for more than 5 min, so I will not participate in any of that waiting stuff... :) And this year, most things will be just online probably...

It's really crazy there.

Black friday didn't exist 10 years ago here. It is one more thing imported from the US to make people buy stuff :-). When I shop I always make a list beforehand and when I need something bigger, I take my time to analyse prices and quality. Let's say I take my time before I spend my money LOL

Yeah... We get all the stupidest things from the US... lol... Like BF and Halloween... :D

And regarding shopping practices, I do the same... Following the price for some time, trying to find the best option, best quality and then buy... :) But, it depends on the product, price, etc... :)

Yeah... We get all the stupidest things from the US... lol... Like BF and Halloween... :D

HEY!!! I resent that comment. We are very cool USA-ers here, we have pizza which YOU like. Thank you VERY much! 😂

As you were.... :)


pizza is from Italy... :)

btw... have no clue if this engage command will work... let's see :)

We have nothing against the US and the cool USA-ers :-). When I was a child we didn't celebrate these days. Then the shops in europe have adopted things like BF and Halloween purely for commercial reasons.

Ha ha ha oh no worries. I was just messing with you guys! :) And I admit there are a lot of commercialized things here so I kind of get your side of it lol. I am not much into the commercialization of things - I am more for small businesses :) They need love too :)

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This is so true! Black Friday is a double edged sword - it can be an awesome time to get some decent deals but if you're not careful & dyor as you said, then you can get duped into buying something you don't need & not at the best deal as advertised...

I never have been one to go to the Black Friday (or even Cyber Monday) sales and line up the night before. I had some friends who would do that, but no way for me lol. Nothing is worth that BUT I do like to take advantage of the online sales. Now that I am older & wiser, I have a trick I use for this..

When I see something I really want, instead of FOMO'ing & buying it right away, I will add it to my cart & wait til the next day. This gives my brain time to process & if I am not thinking about it after that, then it is obvious I never really wanted it or needed it anyway....most of the time, this technique works...:) The list idea is perfect as well. I do this...

FOMO'ing in crypto is the same - sure, sometimes there may be times it IS a good idea to invest or sell, but a lot of the ups and downs have ppl FOMO'ing too much...I am getting better at not giving in to it & going along for the ride. Critical thinking is needed in both instances...

Great video, Zoltan & I am glad you "survived" the shopping. This time, it sounds like you had fun :) 💚

I never have been one to go to the Black Friday (or even Cyber Monday) sales and line up the night before. I had some friends who would do that, but no way for me lol.

I suppose that this is interesting if you have like 16-17 years, and who with 7-8 friends, so you actually go for fun... And buy something for a great price, and re-sell it later to get some "free money" :)

I can't imagine myself doing that now... even if they will giving something for free... lol...

And regarding buying the "next day", that's a good strategy... After a day or two, you think about it if you REALLY need that stuff or not... I have done that also a lot of times... and sometimes, that product stayed in the cart forever... :)

Thanks for the awesome comment! Cheers!

Nice video and great advice Zoltan, yeah I don't really pay attention to those crazy days, but a good example with Bitcoin, with this high prices and Hive this low there is an opportunity I think, keep up your great work.

Well, I didn't pay attention before either, until I really found some good stuff on BF... Actually, I purchased my phone last year on BF... and got it for a nice price... I think it's still more expensive today than what I paid for...

But, as I said, those are deals that are hard to find... :)

Yeah if I happen to need to buy a new phone around BF then it can be a good idea to look for a great deal, otherwise I look for the best deal at regular price.

I guess black Friday is just another marketing strategy to get rid out of old unsold products :P

hehehe... Well, there is something in what you are saying, but in general, it's just another bait for you to buy something OTHER than the product on the sale... :)

Thanks for watching and commenting!