Who is Bill Gates, by James Corbett

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Must watch

This video is a MUST WATCH for every person that wants to know the true forces behind everything that is going on in the world.
I recommend to watch all 4 of the videos in the series, but this one alone is already eye opening, and actually quite scary!


Thanks again @corbettreport for your amazing work, research and objectivity!

Watch it and spread it!



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Just watched the video. This scumbag is a mad man and such materials like this ones should be shared all over the internet so the people would finally wake up and see the direction we're heading to. If we keep on obeying and not doing anything, not getting in the streets, protesting, refusing vaccines, refusing to wear masks, and giving the credit that this covid19 doesn't deserve, it might be too late. The agenda is clear and yes, time is no longer enough. If the humanity is that dumb and accept this totalitarian control and everything that those sick minded people wish to, then I might need to leave humanity and start a new life out of this society. I will never accept that damn vaccine and rfid chip. I rather die than do that.