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RE: Fix HIVE with One Weird Trick that Abusive Flaggers Hate!

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I really like the idea dude.
I see @peakd doing so many awesome ui options...
I lack the programming competencies to say but wouldn't this come down to mere UI changes within dapps that agree with this sentiment?



If reasonable and good change can get made on the blockchain level, it encourages mass adoption to all the UI. So, I think by creating the opposite of what trends so we can see what is getting flagged, this highlights the activity of bad actors on the platform that are dishing out a poor user experience to content creators. Then the onus is on good actors with a similar stake to counter it if they see fit. Yet, they won't see it at all if they are not looking, and the best way to get them to look is to provide that window into the world of what is getting flagged that doesn't qualify as spam.

I think, yes, it can get done UI only, but then fewer people have access to the solution. One other change that'd be nice to see is the ability to soft-moderate the visibility of individual comments or that of an entire user on an individual's posts. This way, if someone is getting trolled by a psychopath or a sociopath, those comments either won't appear at all. Or, they will appear at the very bottom in collapsed form. So if you blacklist a user from the blockchain level on your account, it adds an extra step to show the content when it appears on one of your posts.

I don't know how technically possible or impossible all of this is. All I know is people need to have some semblance of control over their domain, or they will choose not to dwell there. Because when you add a nasty comment on top of targeted downvotes that wipe rewards out, it increases the negativity of the experience 100 fold. So at the very least, those who code, instead of trying to assume that people will conform to the product en masse, they have to shape the product a bit more to fit the people of the marketplace.

I think peakd is doing lots of cool things within the realm of UI only, but if it's a real good idea and it can get done on the chain, then the wider the adoption, the better.

Well stated.