How to Produce Sesame Oil?

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It's Friday and I have something good for the #marketfriday that is initiated by @dswigle. Have a happy Friday everyone!

We are out of stock for our sesame oil. Sesame oil which is called silit in Arabic is commonly used in cooking fish and their traditional food on behalf of rice. The traditional food I mention is called Khmer which is made of grounded wheat mix with Arabic spices.

I cooked the Kramer in a pan like a pancake and I put sesame oil first to the pan before I put the dough of the Khmer. Then, the fish will be cooked with sesame oil too. Those are some of the traditional food of ancient Arab people. People at 50 years old and above know how to eat this but the younger one doesn't like it anymore.

People in the city where I live in was a province and just a few years ago it became a small city. When I was new, there was no building around, and the road was only two lanes on both sides. The stores were made of old structure crafts but after 10 years it was gradually changed. The place had changed and also the lifestyle.

When I was new, I saw some camels, goats, and sheep crossing along the road. I had no camera before. Then the most unforgettable scene I won't forget when I saw a camel turning around and around to a certain round wooden craft. It was a milling thread of the sesame oil processed by the camel. It was manually done by the camel and a person commanding the camel. My heart was broken by how the camel did his job. Later on, after the town changes, they were no longer in the old place beside the road.

Since we are using sesame cooking, we needed it all the time. Last Tuesday, we went to the remote area just to buy the sesame oil. I was curious if it was already ready to buy in a certain place or in the camel's place.

Driving for 20 minutes and we arrived in a dark place. The owner of the camel told us that they need a dark place.


There were two camels operating the two wooden mill. One outside and one was inside.

This camel had a long hair/fur/beard in his chain. It was smaller compared to the one outside without hair.

They kept on turn g around. The round wooden craft was on the center filled this full of sesame seeds. The process started before we came and they already produced the sesame oil inside the galloon. The operator told me that they are now operating the mill every night because of the sandstorm. One camel finished milling the seeds.inbound7963828006782001316.jpg
He was given a wheelbarrow full of food and he started eating. That was the prize of doing his job. They let him free and went to the open land at the back where they slept. I didn't take a picture because it was too dark. And it was forbidden to take pictures using the Flash. The camel may get angry with me.

Upon our arrival, he was still turning around for the last turn. The staff on the center was the wooden mill filled with sesame seeds.

The man on the red scarf asked so many questions to the operator on how to mill the sesame seeds.

We bought two galloons worth 200 Saudi Riyals( approximately 60 USDollars)


I will use this sesame oil for two to three months. inbound3400223441285916772.jpg

Before we returned to our house, I took.a picture for the last time. Maybe next time I could buy sesame oil during daylight so I could have good camel photography.

Important fact

Sesame oil is a very good oil for cooking compared to other process oil. It is also good for our hair growth. If I have pain I also use sesame oil on part of my body pain. I massage it gently and it ease pain and reduces swelling. When my tongue and lips are dry, I put a little amount of sesame oil andmy lips became shiny. It's organic natural intake as #naturalmedicine in our skin.

This is my entry for @dswigle on how I bought our sesame oil in the market. Actually, we bought it in a place surrounded by stores, groceries, shops, and the sesame milling place by camels.

And I would like to share this post also for my #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile by @elizacheng.

By the way, I also would like to ask for information about @tattoodjay? He is not around for how for many days.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my story today and more on next time.


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Greetings friend. I found your post very interesting. I am a little sad about the use of camels, but I think that is something of their culture.

Yes dear, I felt pity how he turned hundred times. I felt dizzy looking the camel but good things ,they gave foods and a good place to sleep after milling.

That's great of read, are rewarded.

Aah got to know about such procedure of production of sesame oil. It's really feels good to know about the culture from different part of the globe.

Where are from basically? UAE?

Saudi Arabia, thank you for dropping by.

Oh wow great place. Might visit there some day. Thanks

I love sesame oil! 😍 But of course, mahal sa atin at kailangang hanapin dito kaya sa mga special food lang ginagamit. 😊

But thank you for taking us there, my friend. Sana makakita kog camel in person. Hahaha! 😊

Come on and have fin riding the camel.

Hahaha! Wish I could! 😛

Kawawa yong mga camel nasagasahan sa main road puntang Jeddah 2018 yata yon kasi main high way yon at biglang tawin gaming camel, pero patay din ang nasa horse noon..

Oh no! 😢 Kawawa naman. 😭

May natunan na naman akong kultura ng UAE.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sister.

I love your post. Something different and educational, though I feel a bit uncomfortable about the camel. Anyway, sesame oil is one thing we make sure we never run out of here in the house. Another is olive oil. Glad you shared this here in Hive.

Thank you kaayo. Oo na interested jud ko moadto yan aw kaso gabii kay sandstorm, yong gusto ko sana makita ang sesame na mahimong oil.. Gabii ila operation, galing kay sandstorm man. Mostly sandstorm sa adlaw mahitabo.

Your post was spectacular! I never knew that they did it this way! This is exactly why I love #MarketFriday. The culture is so foreign to me, I find it fascinating. Of course, I feel bad for the camel, it is just so different and this is where sharing the cultures is awesome. I can only imagine coming upon this sight on my own. I am curious. They still do it in remote areas? So, it is not uncommon yet?

I have never even heard of a camel being used for anything other than transportation. I find this fascinating that you got to experience this first hand. The pictures were great! I was surprised they came out so well. Thank you so much for the natural medicine facts about sesame oil. Those tips are always appreciated!

Thank you so much for sharing the culture with us! It makes a smaller world for all of us.

This was very much a wonderful adventure! I am so glad you took us along. Camels are not part of our culture and I found your entire post so interesting! I loved it! I appreciate the love and support you are giving to #MarketFriday! It is people such as yourself that made it into such a successful challenge! Thank you again for being a part of all this! If anyone reading this is wondering how to do it, here it is!

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Thank you for your beautiful words. Before we move to the new house, I always saw the camel doing it turning round wooden stuff( like a giant bowl maybe it was 3 feet tall.) It was just located on my way going to the old market and it's probably in the market. Before, I wondered why and so curious also what the camel did. Turning around maybe a hundred times made me feel dizzy but the camel was just fed and the camel was moving by the operator's command.

At this moment, I didn't found the camel in the market. Saudi Arabia had the origin of MERS-CoV (the first virus aside from the coronavirus19) I forgot what year it was and I heard that mers-cov was coming from an animal species specifically from the camel. It was just hearsay and there was no evidence. All the people were barred from getting near the camel and there was no sesame oil production on that year. All camel in the city moved to the remote area.
That is why the picture posted was taken in the remote area. It was far from the proper city. They have their own market there. It just happened at night. We are bracing the sandstorm season and just started 2 weeks ago. It will probably take 2 to 3 months. Sandstorm happened when the western wind blows going to east.

Sesame oil is good for hair if you have dry lips and when there a tongue fungus. It is also used when I'm doing a massage.

On thing, I forgot to write, when the camel is doing his job milling or grinding the sesame seeds, his eyes must be covered with a scarf. I just knew it lately. I really felt bad for the camel, so pitiful but when I saw the operator gave him a lot of foods, it made me a little bit happy. If only I took the video in day light I could send it to you. I don't know how to edit the video on how brighten it.

If you send it to me, i may be able to edit or brighten it. Are you on discord?

Yes, I will check the video right now and dm you. How to find you there in discord @dswigle. I found the video and it's not too dark. We can clearly see how the camel moves.

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