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RE: Insanity at it's finest...and a new round of negotiations.

in GEMS10 months ago

But at the same time, all our witnesses are powering down.
Hmmm. I wonder?
Any clue?


As said elsewhere in this thread: Many witnesses power down constantly, including myself, to cover costs for running witness servers. I'm at a monthly bill of almost 1000 USD nowadays for steem-related server costs, for example. But, at the moment I actually power-up my powerdowns as soon as they are paid out, for the case.

Note that I don't power down my full SP, but just a small portion, and Im sure more people are like that.

Thanks for the clarification but...there are some massive power downs such as the one from blocktrades. That isn’t for server costs...

1000$ eh? So prior to MIRA it was what? 5x?

I understand what you're saying. I'm sure this isn't the case.
But I constantly checking the witnesses list and those little piggies keep adding by their names.
Something is brewing and you didn't convince me. Telling people to power up, vote for witnesses, save the chain and powering down at the same time? For me is a slap in the face to the whole community.

All of them? Really? No clue, but I'll do some digging

Maybe for the same reason you do? :P

I'm F... clueless.