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RE: Family Dinners and a Cuppa

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One of the sad parts of being an only child that is older is, before long you realize you are totally on your own. Which for me that is fine because I am used to doing things solo. I guess in the end, we all grow according to our containers.


Perhaps, or maybe it is just different. I am used to throngs of people from growing up that way and you prefer to be in a quieter setting.

I think you are right to a certain degree about growing according to our containers, but, many people bust out of the mold when they go off on their own and for me, school.

I always wanted to be an only child growing up!! :))

Well being an only child does have some advantages. I learned how to fend for myself. Plus I got all the Christmas gifts :D

Oh, yes! The gifts!!! I didn't need to fend for myself. I have six brothers. :))