Fractal Heart in Da Vinci Style

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Ah, the human heart! It can give so much, and take even more...

When I first saw them, I was captivated by da Vinci's anatomical sketches. Black lines on parchment pages, trying to draw all the details of the internal organs, the tendons and the muscles, bones, even a fetus, and all those notes around the sketch in a flowing handwriting... I was amazed!

source, from Stanford public domain

Then, I realized that he must have had a model to draw them, right?

Fortunately, this fractal needed no model and no morbid actions were taken for its creation. It is a three-lobed alien heart, pulsing in multiple dimensions, pumping life energy in non-euclidian directions. No animals or other beings were harmed!

The fractal was created in JWildFire. The background parchment is a public domain image.


Fractal Heart

by @nyarlathotep
A fractal made in JWildFire

the Stars are -almost- right!


Heartbreaking :)

Heh, thanks - now, let's fix the multi-dimensional break!

I am fascinated with the fractals you make. Normally fractals are cakes with colours, but have a good eye for pulling out the special in each of them, and because it is not made by man it gets some strange quality between drawing and photography.

Thank you; it's intersting to say fractals are between drawing & photography, and the more I think about it, the more I agree with that view. In my mind, there is a world that is filled with fractals and you can explore it little by little, tweaking numbers & formulas, discovering great images as you go deeper & deeper.

Letters and words are finite; so there is a finite number of combinations that can exist, forming sentences and whole texts. Of course the number is huge, but still, authors have a finite set of combinations to use for their writing (check this if you dare!). But with fractals, you are using continuous variables, not words -- the combinations are infinite!

Aha, I never got to answer this as I drowned in Torundel comments that I had to answer.

It is true that words and notesa and such are finite, but to me the reason I think of fractals as close to photography is that its endlessness gives it the same lack of control. In a painting I will control a lot of things, almost all of it, while the photographer points his machine towards something and press a button. What happens then looks a lot like reality. Some photographers try to control anything but that often is pretty vain (like when Kurosawa didn't think the look was golden enough on one of the RAN still and had people running around sprouting gold paint on the grass).

Fractals create these little things that is uncontrollable and therefore they also look a lot like reality...

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