Corona News in Bangladesh . I Am Alive Challenge ( Day 26 )

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This is my 26 Contribution of @flaxz initiative for #IAmAliveChallenge

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Today is 26 May 2020. Today's covide-19 update news of Bangladesh.

Today This All Percentage in Covide-19.

Last 24 hours 1166 new corona patients were detected, total infected - 3৬751 ( 69.38% down, of last 24 Hours)

21 more people died in Corona in last 24 hours, total death - 522 people. (0% of last 24 hours)

And 245 people recovered in last 24 Hours. total recovered 7579.(76.73% Down last 24 hours)

In last 24Hours 5407 people have tested Covid-19 Viruse. (10.22% up last 24 hours)

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Hello dear friend @mspbro
This is a big problem that haunts us all, the good thing about this information is that more than 60% of positive cases have decreased, we hope this is a trend.
Thank you very much for letting us know these statistics
I wish you an excellent night