Midnight Wishes || Hope determines what we get in the end

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Hello Hiveians

  • Words fail me each time I try to express how I feel
    Somedays come with mixture of sorrow and joy
    Uncontrollable mood swings crowds some others
    More others exist where the feeling is indescribable
    During such moments I desire absolute silence.
    I search through my heart looking for answers to life's questions
    One answer leads to another question
    And the circle has no point of finishing
    While I rest with this roller coaster
    I thought about mother earth

  • I looked at my world and I see that we look alike.
    The earth has its own time, mood swings and occasions for many things.
    Stuffs happen on earth that gives no scientist a clue
    Questions they may never be able to unfold.

  • Me and my world (earth) have this common feeling now.
    Does the earth desire silence to think and adjust? That I may never know.

  • One thing is sure, our hopes are alive, and we wish that this would be enough to give us more better days ahead.
    Our wish hangs around hopes that tomorrow will always be better than today.

  • Pictures speaks green and green is life
  • Living life in hope.




Blessed night from @Monica-ene


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