Importance of bitter leaf soup and how to prepare the rich vegetables

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Hello Hiveians

Bitter leaf is a very rich important vegetables and after seeing some of the key roles it plays in the body system you may want to add it to your diet.

Some importance of bitterleaf

  • For treatment of fever and fatigue. Bitter leaf contains antibacterial and antimalaria properties that is used to treat malaria and infection
    Locally I squeeze out the juice with water sieve and drink to treat fever and infection.

  • Bitter leaf has proven effective in the treatment of insomnia and this has been proven both medically through research.

  • Bitter leaf causes increased rate of body metabolism thereby leading to weight loss. If you are thinking of losing weight, you might want to eat bitter leaf as well.

  • Bitter leaf contains antifungal properties that can be used to treat fungal infections like eczema and ringworm.

Having known all these, am showing us a simple process of how I prepared a delicious bitter leaf soup

Starting from washing and squeezing out some of the bitterness to make it more edible


I have got all the Ingredients meat and fish as seen here






You may want to learn how to wash the leaves here.

I got enough water and salt to wash the leaves.
Constant squeezing in water then sieving out the green extract.
This was done repeatedly for about 6 times to get a level of bitterness one can enjoy in a meal.







This has been a part of my diet for a long time and bitter leaf is seen in our vegetable garden as well.

Thank you for viewing my blog.


I miss bitter leaf dish Monica, I long to have that with some pounded yam or eba now 😋 and just sleep thereafter like a baby well fed

I swear you sooo understand the feeling

I know dear!

Isn't this egusi with bitterleaf?

Yes sis

Bitter leaf is nice, but I barely eat it 😂.

You are so funny.
I eat alot of vegetables though.
Pumpkin and bitterleaf top the list

I eat all, but the bitter leaf soup 🍲 is last on my list 😂


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