How to make flower embroidery in fashion

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Hello Hiveians

Let's talk about how to make beautiful flower embroidery today.
There are so many ways one can create this embroidery flower to be used on an outfit for a dress design.
Some can be done through quilting using thread and crotchet while other can be through the use of needle and thread such as the one I have done on my jean skirt here

Aside all of these, an easier method can be done using ready made fabric where you take lace cut out or ankara cut out, embellish with ornamental stones and stick them to an outfit using fabric glues.





These flowers can come in any shape either in African print fabric or in lace material, simply trace and cut out neatly.
Another thing that can be done is embellishing in which I used ornaments and stones to make these shine but with my current location in Kaduna state, am unable to reach these stones to complete this task and tutorial. But in case you have these items and needs the know how, I can put you through here in the comment section.
This is a more simpler and easier method, although the quilting types may come out better, this is a good replacement as well.

Thank you for checking this out.