How I designed my jumpsuit, the making process

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Hello Hiveians

Today am showing us the steps and procedures I used to make a simple jumpsuit for myself.
This is my first attempt at making such designs and I thought about trying this practical to see how good I have got my hands on this.



I made a pattern for the half length here and had it cut and stitched






In the mean time I already had a pant pattern procedure here about how I had cut the trouser part of this jumpsuit




I got all of these put together and what I had wasn't too far from perfection for a fashion apprentice.
I made some silly mistake and the stretchy nature of the fabric added lots of allowance to the jumpsuit, the bust span extended beyond the normal measurement and I still have that to fix, with some other minor fitting adjustment. The crotch fitted well and the full length with gave me some ish, but I have added more than enough seam allowances to deal with all that

With that I say it can only get better

Thank you for taking out time to see how I made my jumpsuit


Good job girl! Stretchy fabric can be tricky for contouring and I don't even see the need to contour on it because it will naturally cling to the body.

I see your half length is long. You might need to add more inches to your trouser next time so it meets up with the half length.

Great for a first attempt.

Oh thank you, I just don't know exactly where to place the half length for the jumpsuit unlike that of blouse and measuring myself was the greatest error, I believe you understand.
I will have to loosing it and readjust the dart too, they have stretched beyond the normal placing

I get it'll figure it out as usual 😁