Home made beans cake

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Hello Hiveians

Eating series of homemade meals has been the trend for me this week ever since I went to visit my Aunt and she takes her precious time to make sure we are feed with healthy meals.

Here we have homemade beans prepared from beans that were washed, blended and saved up in a freezer.
Most times my aunty does not have enough time to prepare alot of stuff, so all she does is prepare it half way that it can be stored in the freezer.

Here is peeled blended beans with pepper and spices stored in the freezer.




I had this for breakfast with some rich soya millet drink you will want to know about.


It was time for a yummy breakfast and thanks for viewing


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wow looks tasty XDDD i just ate something similar looking i made from cheese surrounded by mashed potatoes that were breaded and deep fried

Wow.. That's good to know.
I wish I can travel round the country to taste all the delicious meals prepared around the globe.