Enjoying Soccer amidst covid-19 pandemic

in GEMS2 months ago

Hello Hiveians

It is interesting to know that people find a way to enjoy themselves in whatever condition they find themselves .
Not even a pandemic can take the joy of individual and the game of soccer is valued anywhere it is played in the world .
With the satellites in place and a generator supply of electricity, people are relaxing while watching this game of life.











The location of this village viewing center is overwhelming, looking very poor and unattractive , once it's football I can bet people will flock into the jungle to enjoy this game.

With their simple safety and health precaution, guideline and a warning sign on the door post , the business owner of this viewing is good to go.

I remember back then in my junior high school when I would compete with my fellow course mate to play this game , but after an incident where I broke a toe I never tried kicking a ball again because of the memories of the pain I endured to put back my toes together .
My dad was once a coach as well and has vast knowledge of football, aside him only my brothers take this games to heart , we the ladies preferred to do something else.

Where are my soccer fans? come and see your families here .

No matter what happens we hope and pray that a miracle will take away this pandemic that our lives will return back to normal.

Thanks for viewing my blog, rest well relax and enjoy life while we still can.