Delicious pasta and tomato sauce

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Hello Hiveians

Beautiful morning from here.
Thinking about some energy rich food as delicious pasta comes handy with tomato sauce.
My sister loves spaghetti as she will cry all the time for me to prepare this for her over rice and the other energy food.
Everyone have some special preference when it comes to food and this is just her choose. She is still an adolescents though and this taste may give way to something else as she grows, that I believe
So for today breakfast is pasta and tomatoes sauce.







Those were shots from how we prepared our meal.

Thanks for viewing


Thanks for sharing. Looks awesome

Thanks dear, sorry for the late reply I was On a long trip with no network.

I love all your amazing art piece... Its a pity I can't draw a thing

Thank you so much, it's a pity I can't put a thread through a needle too. Your dresses are amazing. Thanks for sharing

You are very funny. Thank you
Hope you had a great night

Yes and I hope you had the same

Sure. Thanks

another amazing meal!