Delicious home made pancake with spring onions sauce

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Hello Hiveians

Here are some benefits of spring onions you will like to know and have some of them in your diet as a result.
Spring onions contains vitamins A and some carotenoids that aids good vision. It also prevents damage of DNA and cellular tissue and contais Vitamin C that helps in lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure levels in the body which in turn lowers your risk of heart disease.
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It has kindof become a hobby for me these days to check out the health benefits of all the basic ingredients in a meal I consume.

And am sure you might want to share in this findings as well.

So today was just another day we decided to prepare some of those delicious home made pancake and spring onion sauce.
To get this done
We got the ingredients ready and set up the cooker no make this.



For the pancake here we have
Baking powder
Vegetable oil

  • Eggs and dried milk can be added as desired

Method of preparations

We first added all the dry ingredients flour, sugar salt and baking powder, this was formed into a not thick paste that was shallow fried in a pan over the heat of the cooker.




Now for the onions sauce.
Spring onions is in surplus these days and as a result we have alot of it in our meals and for the flavor and health benefits we made it a pair with the pancake.


Spring onions.


Cabbage and spring onions diced into small pieces.

Eggs beating in a bowl with a pinch of salt.

Shallow fry the leaves in vegetable oil before pouring in the eggs
Stir properly and the spring onions sauce will be ready just as seen.

Hope you have learnt a thing or two about spring onions and would add them to your meals as well.

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Ok! YUM! 😋

Hope you added value to your great day today sir?

Always! And good healthy food goes a long way to getting more great results! Thanks for inspiring me to keep my eating healthy @monica-ene!

I hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay healthy and safe! 🙂

That made me smile.
We are healthy and safe.
Thank you