Cutting and stitching some quick DIY nose mask

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Hello Hiveians

Since the advent of covid-19 every one has been using face mask until the rate of spread the pandemic subsided and I lost the habit.
Most times I leave the house and get to where I am going before it occur to me that am not on mask.
Am sure its same for most of us until the government had to make it compulsory we were finding jt difficult to mask on.

I lost all the ones I initially made and today necessity hits demand and I have to make a few more.

With just pencil paper tape and some fabrics I got this done.






Fold the paper into four and cut it all round 4.5 inches...

Better still cut a big even circle and split into 4 segments to form a cone as this





once this is done
Place paper on fabric and cut.

Next is stitching of both ends.


And final fixing of the bands about 8inches long, my bad, I forgot that shot. You can chose to use an elastic band but I was short of it so I improvised

Well this is done simple and easy diy .

Thanks for viewing


I hope someday soon mask wearing will be a thing of the past

Me too... But the trauma still remains till we are able to heal from the lost

dr fauci now even recommended to wear 2 face masks, which i do my self as the health recommendations of the country i live in are still a bit too loose. i hope all is going to be fine anyway since the british variant of the virus has arrived this country and causes corona explosions in the sparsely populated areas it arrived few days ago, just after christmass corona wave went back down.


my home country however is a bit more stricter even enforcing F95 masks anywhere public.

Wow, that second wave brought me so much fear, I can't wait for everything to get back to normal.
Please stay safe yourself and family