Creative ideas is a major key in fashion || Here is the design of a dress with a spectacular sleeve

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Hello Hiveians

Here is our design of a new dress for a client .
The unique feature if the dress is combination of a long sleeve and a flounce added to the mid part of the sleeve .


Creatively speaking when we make simple tops and dresses such as A shape and straight dress we look around for something creative that can be done on the cloth to make our simple style a unique and attractive one, one of such creative ideas o what is shown here



A simple basic sleeve was designed , a portion of it was recut along the arms length and replaced with the middle flounce .











creative ideas must be on the increase when it comes to fashion.

Most times when we lack these ideas we tend to relate with talented people so that the ideas can Rob on us the same way a bystander will smell of cigarettes beside a smoker.

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