Creative construction and design of a pant and pant pattern

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Hello Hiveians

So many tricks are involved in constructing or designing a pant trouser like knowing the proper crotch dept and right measurements so that one may be able to bend the knees without ripen the finished pant or when taking off a pant around the ankle. The right measurements makes it not too tight and the pant can come off easily

So today am making a new design of my pant or trouser as it is popularly known here taking all these into consideration
Designing simple dresses and tops has been one of the easiest things I have been doing lately but unless I give it a try I may never get better at making pants.

So I first sketched patterns in my sketchbook and thought of a possible method to get this done perfectly.




Using my curves rulers and tape rule and chalk I drafted a basic pant pattern on the fabric here



I cut out the front piece like this and then placed it on some more fabric fo get the back piece




Next was the stitching section where I was privilege to have power supply so I can use the more faster electrical machine.




This came out a little bigger than my measurement and I can't post a selfie in it just yet.
I added extra allowances thinking that I may not get it right and thr pants may get too tight so I ripped off the seams again and will be making further fitting adjustments.

Learning more about fashion and making it can only get better with me

Thanks for viewing my blog


I love the color so much.

It's good you eventually pushed yourself to make one because you'll only get good at it after a few tries and this looks good already

Thanks sis, that's so much of an encouragement