An easy DIY flap for my dress

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Hello Hiveians

The first time of making this flap look very difficult, I tried to make it as neat as possible but I guess I need to learn more.

A female flap can go from 8 to 10 inches while that of males can be more.


To get this done I used about 1inche and turned the middle of the dress with the plain black material from the back to the front.





That was the simple way i did this but am curious if there is more better way to do this, thank you.


Whoa! Even though I am no expert in these kind of things, but I think the work you did was very worth it because it looks so good! How did you learn to design dresses like these? I am very interested. Nice work! 😍😮

Thanks dear.... Am an apprentice at a fashion house... I want to learn how to make beautiful clothes and possible own a fashion line with my brand as well.

Wow! Really?! If I find your shop I would totally check it out! I'm sure that dream can come true because you are already great at it! Keep up the wonderful work. Good night. :)

I'm sure there are many ways you could choose to do it. I think I would have done a thinner line of fabric as a sort of border, further over, with a hidden button, similar to dress uniforms. But they're not very popular in the west. We mostly have either V-necks or button down shirts. I've always like the fold down flap on dress uniforms though.

Wow, thank you so much.
Am glad to know that

I'm making a male flap right now. A little different from what you have here

Wow... That's good.
You design make clothes too?

This is my first