An A line dress with its beautiful cone sleeve

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Hello Hiveians

Its a beautiful Friday morning and I am blessed to see the light of a new day.
Happy Jummat to all my Muslim brethren.
Am not sure how many of us like dull colors such as brown for an outfit.
Many would prefer brighter and flowery dresses I assume.
Well sometimes skin color determines what will best fit an individual, and if you find your favorite colors you can best fit into some colorful dresses.
Here is a design of a simple dress with a cone sleeve gathered at the base with an elastic.


Here is the design, cutting sewing weaving and ironing of this simple dress.







Thanks for viewing my blog, have a productive and relaxing day.


As I have red hair, I love brown clothes... If I am wearing brown I look a bit like a tree in autumn 😂 And I especially love dresses, but I still have problems to make dresses, which have no stretch fabric, fit well. I am curious how you made the lovely sleeves of your dress? Maybe you have fun to show us how you gathered them?

I love blue colors though I have black hair and skin... But I got to know that orange brings out my color.. I will sure make an illustration for the sleeve soon or I will search for the same I made earlier and bring the link on.
Thanks for showing interest in my work.

I think a dark blue or a sky blue will look awesome with your complexion. It would lend you a mysterious vibe (ok, I admit, I read too many fantasy novels :-D)
Looking forward to your awesome posts.

We have something in common with the fantasy novels... I have read some too and you can you won't believe how I use half my day fantasizing the future and other beautiful things.