A male shirt made with a lovely 'Adire' fabric

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Hello Hiveians

Adire fabrics are a cultural fabrics initially made and worn by the Yoruba women in this part of the world.
It consist of a cotton made material that is usually made using the 'tye and dye' method to incorporate different color of dye into a 100% cotton material a process similar to the batik methods used in the Indonesia technique.

Different colors of dyes can be creatively mixed to give a beautiful pattern in the end

Resistant dyes like starch are added to the parts of the cotton we do not want to get dyed with the colors been used.
Sometimes a tying process is used to tie up some portions of the fabric or tiny bits of stones are tied into it to create patterns of undyed portion creating a lovely pattern on these clothes.

These Adire clothes were mostly worn by women before an advancement in fashion shows prints where males outfits are been designed using these fabrics.

I just happen to witness the making of this lovely male outfit designed by @harlex using this fabric.



Here is the making process of which he had the entire pieces cut out, the sleeves, front and back bodice along side the lapels




The whole pieces were stitched up neatly and that a lovely multicolor dye Adire fabric.
Am sure to get my hands in some of these traditional attires on my next visit to the market, just to see what I can make of these as well.

Thanks for viewing, hope you like this traditional fabric and design.


Awesome. Great job.👏

Thank you

Wow Great work,
Keep it up

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