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Hello Hive family 😊

I will join this month my second HIVE Power Up day. Initialised at first by @streetstyle.

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My intention is to PowerUp on the first day of October 2020, in fact tomorow 😇

For my first Hive PUD, I was gladly invited by @theterminal, @brittandjosie and @justclickindiva. I thanks them again for introducing us, Redfish Ralliers to participate on the HIVE Power Up day.

Why would you need to power up your Hive tokens and how would it be useful?

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Greater voting power on content blogs;
More curation rewards when you vote on other bloggers' posts;
More resource credits to perform transactions on the Hive Blockchain. @justclickindiva

For further informations to this October Hive PUD, take a look at the post by @traciyork.

I would invite friends @jeffjagoe, @nathanmars, @vicvperezdelara, @librepensadora, @droida, @burlarj and @elierzerfloyd to Power Up together ✊😇

Always with love and hugs 😘




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Thank you very much and have a nice end of week :)

Thanks for the invite! I will definitely power up tomorrow! Hopefully a nice stack :)

Oh very Nice, thanks to be part friend :)

So cool, thanks to join the initiative :)