Unbearable weather

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This month was pretty different than other, in term of weather. From Spring to Winter in matter of hours, literally, and that weather change isn't finished yet. Tomorrow we expect snow maybe again and yesterday was about 20 degree Celsius.

We actually don't know what to wear anymore, from winter jackets to shirts without sleeves. :D I guess this isn't just here in Serbia, it's all around Europe probably but still we didn't get used to it. You even can't define seasons anymore. 10 years before we knew what every season meant, everything was at the point, maybe some oscillation but that was unnoticeable.

Anyways, weather sucks these days, it's cold and windy, can't wait for higher temperatures.








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It's been much the same here in New England this last year or so....

I worry about the fruiting trees, they are the ones hit worst...

Same here, I'm worrying about fruit trees, fruit flowers started blooming and now they are vanishing again because of weather, I'm not sure they will make it this year, maybe some small margin will survive.

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