Spring is awakening

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**Hello people! So, police hour is increased from 5pm to 5am to 3pm to 5m, that means we need to be quick and do our job even more faster than ever. Today I woke up pretty early just so I can finish everything that was planned, we loaded about 8 tons of corn with buckets and I done some photography stuff outside, nothing special, just our environment. That's gonna be theme for today.

We have a luck living in village where we can enjoy nature every day without going too far from home, these few photos were took just across the street. There are few flowers now but in about week or so we will have nature garden outside. It's still pretty because this nature is almost untouched, only footsteps from fishermen that are going to the river and nothing else. Enjoy in these photos! :)

At the end you will see our chickens running freely in our backyard and also, we found some eggs.











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