What if I told you that Marketcap wise, HIVE is a top 50 project? All it takes is CMC and Coingecko to update their info.

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That's right! You've heard the man.

I know that a lot of people had been skeptical whether forking the Steem chain and creating Hive would be a wise choice. I was skeptical as well for a moment, but for a moment only...

The stupid boss of mine at my day job is more than enough, trust me on that... Let alone having an extra one, to decide whether my content will be visible or not to my followers on Steem, the ones who feel comfortable with using Steemit.com.

Meh...I don't need that shit. I was banned once from him...that was enough...

That's exactly the reason I am powering down my Steem stake and going all in with HIVE.

That being said, less than 24 hours ago HIVE was listed on CMC which is one of the most famous crypto websites out there. The reason why our current ranking displayed there is 2164...

2020-03-27 15_19_36-Hive (HIVE) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics _ CoinMarketCap.png

is only because both CMC and coingecko haven't integrated with hiveblocks.com yet. The moment they do, expect HIVE to be sitting among the top 50 projects. No shit...

Facts are facts and according to hiveblocks.com HIVE's Market Capacity at the moment of writing is almost 96 mill $.

2020-03-27 15_47_15-Hive.png

And that would put us right between Bitcoin Diamond and EDC, which is ranked 49th...for now.

2020-03-27 15_52_16-Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations _ CoinMarketCap.png

I've got to be honest with you. Did I expect HIVE to be a success? Hell yeah...What I didn't expect is that it would happen so fast.

I am pretty sure that there are still lots of people who might think that this is only because deposits and withdrawals on some big exchanges are still disabled, hence there is a big price action, which is partially true...but I rest assure you that there are also hundreds of people who want to withdraw their HIVE tokens from the exchanges and power it up.

You know what happens after every power up, right? Reduced liquidity...

PS. Just imagine HIVE sitting right there...More eyeballs on this project...more potential investors / users...

Price action...? You tell me...!!

It's definitely going to be interesting...

Have a good one people.

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When exchanges actually enable their deposits/withdrawals and as more people start to powerdown STEEM and cash in on HIVE, that value is probably going to go up. Soon.

A lot sooner than what many people thought actually...

I completely agree with your analysis here. Cheers!

Good to see you around mate

Same here bro. Be safe.

I think you are right on this front. It does look very promising for Hive. I've always thought Steem should be a top 50 so this makes sense Hive would.

Hive is all the things Steem would have been if there was no Ned and Justin

True! 😀

We'll see if it triggers a chain reaction as people sell Steem for Hive then people take notice of hive. I'm surprised Steem price hasn't dumped more yet

I have a feeling that once we have our normal ranking instead of a virtual one things will start moving really fast regardless of Steem dumps

A week ago I thought HIVE will start selling For a couple of cents and now it’s almost twice as worth as STEEM... Go figure...

we live in interesting times

The marketcap shown on hiveblocks.com seems to be calculated by multiplying the virtual supply by the feed price. If we use the current supply the actual ranking would be a little bit lower...just to be clear.

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