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Hi Folks! Today is a good day to play with editions for the #createthatlook contest sponsored by our friends @Bliss11 and @Drakernoise..

For this edition I chose a photo from one of my last posts. The picture is from a souvenir shop in Playa del Carmen.

After passing it in Photoshop through different filters that distorted the contour of the image, I finally applied an oil painting effect, I love oil paintings, that's why I chose this effect in the end, I also like to apply it to different old photographs that I keep especially those of landscapes.

And.... This is the image I've picked for the contest.


In this image below I used layers of different filters and played with the opacity and the method of fusion to give it a degraded effect.


Here I share other editions I made with the artificial intelligence website Deepdreamgenerator.



And.... This is the original image.


If you'd like to join in this contest check the guidelines in this post:


Thanks for stopping by

With love. Maria Ballesteros. 💜

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Siempre tanto colorido y belleza en tus imágenes @mballesteros. Sí, es difícil decidir, todas ellas son entradas válidas y preciosas. Dejemos que el público opine sobre tu elección, yo te deseo la mayor de las suertes 😉
Gracias por tu dedicación al concurso y tu contribución siempre de alta calidad! 🤗🤗🤗

Always so many colors and so much beauty on your edits. Yeah, it’s difficult to choose one out of all of them. Let the people give their opinion over your decision, I wish you the best on votings 😉
Thanks so much for your dedication and high quality contribs to the contest! 🤗🤗🤗

Para mí siempre es un placer y una diversión concursar, gracias por tu apreciación. 👍

Mola!!!, me costaría decidir cual de los cuatro, jajaja, saludos @mballesteros

Pues yo estuve indecisa entre la primera y la segunda, así que pedí apoyo a un amigo para escoger la precisa para el concurso. Gracias por pasarte. 😉

Nicely done! I really love all the art works.

Thank you. I love it too.

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thank you very much.💜

Nice edit work @mballesteros, it looks very colourful and pretty. Are they decorations for carnivals? Thanks for participating...have a lovely day. 🤗

Hi Bliss thank you. Those are souvenirs in a shop, they're the kind that move with the air. Have a nice day. 😉

Ah I see lol. A lovely day to you too. 🤗