Sad Cat - Scribble Art

in GEMS2 months ago


This cat looks so sad - with the expression on its face, you can tell that. Wondering what it is up to? Me too!
It's probably bored and looking for a playmate.





Yeah! One can easily tell the cat is sad or bored. That's a nice artwork @maxwellmarcusart. Well done bro.

Thank you bro.

You are welcome my guy.


How much tenderness there is in this little cat. How beautiful is always his art, I always love to admire him. I have spent days without coming here,. The internet has been failing. Thanks for sharing, honey! I wish you a good week.🤗😙💖🌈 @maxwellmarcusart

Thank you dear. Really been a while I see you around.

nice one @maxwellmarcusart 👍

Thank you!