Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 3 - Mother's Love

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Hello everyone!

Today, I present to you my new artwork which I entitled "Mother's Love". It's a drawing of a gorilla carry her baby. This is my entry for the #dailydrawingchallenge day 3.


The gorilla is her baby's protector, companion and comforter. No devourer would dear come close.

She's always awake even in the night to safeguard the baby while the baby sleeps peacefully. Look at her intesnse eyes, watching out for any intruder.

That's a huge love from the Mum.

The drawing was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. Below are my steps.




Thank you.

The prompt for the challenge


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Thank you!👍😲

Hello @maxwellmarcusart, that's a very beautiful drawing you've made. Greetings.

Hi @variedades, thanks so much. I'm glad you like it.

It is a tenderness.

Yeah, her gentle touch says it all.
Thanks for stopping by.

It's very lovely.
I always admire your drawings!

Keep it up bro!

Thank you bro. So good to see you dropped by after a while.

Thanks so much brother. So good to hear from you again after a while

Very nice, her eyes are so expressive, taking a moment's peace hugging her baby.

Yeah, very expressive. Thank you.

Wow! this is a true definition of love between mother and their child, nice work done man.

Yeah. Thank you bro.

wow friend that portrait, it looks beautiful, you can feel the love it reflects, the mother to her calf, greetings from Venezuela

Thank you so much friend. Glad you like it.
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