Portrait painting || Is my artblock finally over?

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So, after so long i finally was in the mood of drawing and so i drew a new portrait. I have tried to make it pretty.
I hope i don't get into that sort of boredom or mood ever again. That was really bad. I felt shitty feelings at that time.
So, i drew it in a mood of silent peace....
Does this painting gives out the silent peace mood? Let me know your thoughts.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2356.png
Screenshot 2358.png
Screenshot 2359.png
Screenshot 2360.png
Screenshot 2361.png

Screenshot 2362.png
Screenshot 2363.png
Screenshot 2364.png

Used Reference image for this painting.

Thank you for visiting my blog
Wish me luck.


Beautiful, what a feeling of peace, of that encounter of harmony. excellent drawing.

thank you

Especially the background makes it look very peaceful to me - great job :)

thank you.