New Portrait || More and More color

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Hey people, i am here to share my new digital portrait of today. I am happy that i didn't stop and was able to draw today too.

First i started with a less saturated colors as you can see in the process shots below. But later i felt it wasn't appealing enough so i took a different layer and add some really bright colors.

I did use a black and white filter to see if the values were okay. And they were, so that important part was covered.

But i messed up the eyes way too much so i had to do that....

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2365.png
Screenshot 2366.png
Screenshot 2367.png

Screenshot 2368.png
Screenshot 2369.png

Screenshot 2370.png
Screenshot 2371.png

Used Reference image for this drawing. Even though i had this photo as ref when started by the end of the drawing, i made it look so much different. Even the position of the face.


Amazing and incredible work. Those eyes look like it has a source of light.

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